There’s nothing quite like a Disney Theme Park. Whether you plan to visit one of the multiple parks at Disney World or want to visit the original Disneyland, these magical amusement parks set the standard for immersion and creativity. If you want to purchase Walt Disney World tickets or Disneyland tickets, you’re likely trying to figure out where to make your purchase.

Where to Purchase One and Two-Day Disney World Tickets

For many people, the cheapest way to purchase one-day or two-day Disney World tickets is to buy them directly from a Disney Travel Agent or from Disney itself.

Unfortunately, discounts on one-day or two-day Disney World tickets aren’t generally provided, but you can save money by purchasing your ticket with discounted Disney gift cards.  We have an article dedicated exclusively to that topic.  

How to Purchase Disney World Tickets Through a Travel Agency

Using a Disney-focused Travel Agency is the best way to purchase your Disney tickets. The cost is the same as if you’d purchased directly from Disney, but you get the added benefit of a dedicated travel planner. They’ll make sure you’re aware of every possible special offer and get exactly the type of tickets you need. They can also help you link your tickets to My Disney Experience, which is crucial to making sure your vacation goes smoothly.  And they can help with other parts of your trip, such as hotel bookings, dining reservations, and itinerary planning.

We recommend you contact The Vacationeer to purchase your tickets and book your Disney resort hotel stay.  There’s no charge to use their planning services and there’s never any obligation to complete a transaction with them.

(Looking for the best place to book a Disney Cruise? The Vacationeer has you covered there, too!)

How to Purchase Disney World Tickets Directly From Disney

To buy your Disney World tickets directly from Disney, go to and log into your My Disney Experience Account. This way, you can assign the tickets to the right person. Then, in the Friends and Family section, ensure you set everyone up with a profile.

Select the first day you’ll use your ticket to get the best deal. We suggest you choose to have your tickets digitally delivered so your tickets will be directly linked to your Disney account (and your MagicBands if you choose to purchase them). Be sure to save your order confirmation in case there’s a problem using your tickets at the theme parks.

The Best Ways to Purchase Disney Tickets

1. Disney Travel Agents

Working with a Disney Travel Agent, also known as an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner, gives you the best of both worlds.  You’ll be buying tickets directly from Disney but using an agent to handle the transaction on your behalf.  That ensures you’ll get the best price but don’t have to worry about whether your tickets are legitimate!

2. Directly from Disney

Tickets can be purchased through once you’re signed into your My Disney Experience account.  The primary downside to this method is that if something goes wrong during your purchase or you have questions, you might have difficulty getting assistance as hold times for Disney call centers can be extensive.

3. Discounted Disney Tickets Websites

One way to save money when buying your Disney tickets is by using discounted ticket sites. There are many websites selling Disney tickets, but you should ensure you stick with reputable ones such as AAA.  These wholesale tickets may offer a small discount, but don’t expect a massive price difference.  Discounted tickets may also have more-strict usage rules than non-discounted tickets.

4. Purchasing Disney Tickets With Points

If you want to use credit card points when buying your tickets, you may be in a bit of a dilemma. Currently, there’s no AmEx discount for Disney World and Disneyland tickets. 

You can still use reward points to purchase Disney tickets, though, even if you won’t get great value. Some authorized Disney ticket sellers might allow you to pay with PayPal, and many card-issuers, like Citi and Chase, have collaborated with PayPal to redeem points. For example, each AmEx point is worth 0.7 cents, and Chase points are worth 0.8 cents per point. 

What Is the Best Time to Go to Disney World?

Years back, Disney World adopted the date-based pricing model for all tickets in an attempt to distribute crowds evenly throughout the year–this means the days you visit Disney World significantly influence how much you pay for your tickets. During the cheapest days, a one-day adult ticket to Disney World costs as little as $109 (2024) or $119 (2025) depending on which park you visit. During the most expensive days, that same one-day ticket could cost up to $189 depending on park. Thus, you can save upwards of $50 per ticket by choosing carefully when to go to Disney World. 

January, February, August, and September are among the cheapest months to purchase Disney tickets, but you’ll still need to look at each individual day to ensure you’re getting the best price. The most expensive times to go to Disney World are during Easter, Christmas, and other major holidays. If you can plan your trip during less crowded times of the year, including when schools are in session, you’ll be rewarded with lower ticket prices.

Final Thoughts

The best place to buy Disney World tickets is directly from Disney. While there are no discounts when you buy tickets this way, you can save money if you purchase your tickets with discount Disney gift cards and plan your travel dates carefully. Of course, for additional Disney travel tips, check out our trip planning tools today!

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