Whether you want to finally see Cinderella’s castle or book a Disney Cruise, a Disney vacation is sure to be a memorable trip. However, it could also be one of the most costly trips of your lifetime; for many, travel insurance is crucial. After all, there are many uncertainties in travel these days. 

By the Numbers

You can purchase travel insurance from a reputable company, or you may already have it available through certain credit cards. If not, you may buy it directly from Disney, which provides insurance as an add-on for various vacation packages at its United States theme parks. Disney’s travel insurance costs approximately $6 per child and $82.50 per adult for its theme park vacation packages at Walt Disney World Resort in Florida.

Fixed-fee travel insurance policies are perfect for ultra-expensive vacations but a lousy option for budget vacations. Take a five-night stay during the Easter holiday for a family of five at Four Seasons Resort Orlando at Walt Disney Resort, for instance. If you book your stay alongside four-day theme park tickets and opt for add-ons such as water park admission, you may pay approximately $15,000. Adding travel insurance may cost $183; roughly 1.22% of your overall travel cost.

But suppose you planned a trip in May when the children are at school–two adults can stay at Disney’s Wyndham Lake Buena Vista, for example, with three-day tickets for $1,200. When you include Disney travel insurance, your cost increases to $1,365—an overall price increase of approximately 14%. 

Travel insurance that works out to 1.2% of your overall vacation cost is a good deal, but 14% is far from that. Most travel insurance costs between 5% and 10% of the total vacation cost, per the United States Travel Insurance Association.

A Disney Cruise, on the other hand, has a different price structure for its travel insurance.  The price for a Disney Cruise travel protection plan is based on a percentage of the voyage fare (typically around 8%) rather than a fixed dollar amount; but there is also a minimum cost ($35 per person) and maximum cost ($1,600 per person) limit in place to ensure that the premium cost is never too low or high.

As an example, a 7-night European cruise for two people in summer 2023 had a trip price of $8,078 (before taxes and port fees), and travel insurance was an additional $646.24 (8% of the fare).

What Does Disney Travel Insurance Cover?

If you’re planning to visit Disneyland in California or Walt Disney World in Florida and have booked hotel and theme park tickets, you qualify for Disney’s Travel Protection Plan. This insurance plan was underwritten by Arch Insurance Company and is available for United States residents or United States residents living abroad who book via Disney’s website. (If you have questions about where to purchase Disney World tickets, take a look at our other articles on the subject).

The exact benefits and coverage availability of Disney’s Travel Insurance depend on your location, but usually include:

  • Trip interruption or cancellation–this provides prepaid vacations up to your total cost for covered reasons, such as injury, illness, military service, or job loss.
  • Trip delay–this reimburses expenses of up to $600 per trip or $200 per day. 
  • Luggage loss–this reimburses $2,000 for stolen, damaged, or lost luggage.
  • Luggage delay–this reimburses essential items if your luggage is delayed for twelve or more hours.
  • Emergency medical costs–this offers a maximum of $25,000 if you become ill or injured while traveling.
  • Rental vehicle damage–this reimburses repair expenses of up to $25,000 in case of theft, collision, vandalism, or vehicle damage.
  • Travel accident–this offers a maximum of $25,000 in case of dismemberment or accidental death.
  • Emergency help–this qualifies you for 24/7 medical aid, travel assistance, and emergency services. 
  • Emergency repatriation and evacuation–this insurance policy covers emergency medical transportation and other costs if you’re injured while traveling. 

Remember, this is the coverage for theme park based vacations; Disney Cruise Line coverage and Adventures by Disney trip coverage has different terms.

Final Thoughts

Given the uncertainty of vacations nowadays, even a quick two-day getaway requires insurance, which is where Disney’s Travel Insurance comes in handy. With this insurance plan, you can get reimbursement for trip cancellation, trip delay, luggage delay, and even rental car damage.

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