It would be nice to visit Walt Disney World without crowds, but with upwards of 250,000 people visiting on busy days, that’s not a realistic goal. The best that you can hope for is to have fewer crowds, which will allow you to enjoy the rides, exhibitions, and other exciting attractions without long queues. Epcot is one of the quieter Walt Disney World theme parks because it is generally quite good at managing large crowds. Still, with around 35,000 people visiting each day, you’ll want your visit to coincide with a below-average number of attendees.

What Day Of the Week is Epcot the Most Busy? 

As you might expect, the weekend is the busiest day at Epcot. Saturday and Sunday tend to be the busiest days in all parts of Disney World, and Epcot is no different. The busiest time at Epcot is on a weekend day during a festival. If you’re visiting then, you’ll have to accept that you’ll have tens of thousands of people with you! And with festivals now happening practically year-round, it’s getting harder to find a quiet weekend there.

There is one point worth noting about Epcot at the weekend. While there will certainly be a higher-than-average number of people at the Disney World theme park, that won’t necessarily mean that wait time for rides is that much longer than on other days. Weekends tend to bring locals to Epcot, and they’re more interested in enjoying the restaurants and exhibitions than going on rides. So if you’re just visiting Epcot for the rides, you could be fine if you visit on a Saturday or Sunday (with the exception of major holidays).

When you visit Disney World, what is the Busiest Weekday?

Crowd-adverse people tend to plan their visit to Walt Disney World to take place during the week when there are noticeably fewer people than on weekends. However, it’s worth remembering that some weekdays can still be busy. For example, at Epcot, the busiest weekday is usually Mondays because that day tends to draw Disney Resort hotel guests, who can stay two hours longer than normal park hours.

What Day of the Week is Epcot the Least Busy?

Suppose you have the flexibility to choose which day you visit Epcot. In that case, we recommend that you visit Disney World on a Monday or Wednesday. The weekends are always busy. Friday sees the arrival of people who are visiting for a long weekend. Epcot attracts Disney Resort hotel guests on Mondays. As such, we’re left with Tuesday and Wednesday, the quietest days throughout the year, and during festivals such as the Epcot International Festival Of the Arts and Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

The Best Month to go to Epcot Walt Disney World Park

The month you visit Epcot is arguably just as important as the day. Crowds on a Monday in July could be busier than on a Friday in November, for instance. Based on data, the quietest months to visit seem to be February and September (though September weekends are busy due to the popular Food and Wine festival). Visiting the Disney park during these times can bring fewer crowds, lower prices, and more agreeable temperatures, especially in September.

Note: The best days to visit would generally apply to all Disney theme parks, including Magic Kingdom, Disney’s Animal Kingdom, and Disney’s Hollywood studios.

As we said at the beginning of the article, Epcot is generally pretty good at managing crowds, and it’s certainly worth visiting. So whenever you pay a visit, you’ll be sure to have a fantastic time on your Disney World vacation!

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