Welcome to our selection of the best Disney travel agents in Ohio! We have thoughtfully chosen nine of the top agents throughout the Buckeye State to help you create an unforgettable Disney vacation based on your preferences and budget. By selecting one of our recommended Ohio Disney travel agents, you’ll benefit from a hassle-free planning experience.

The Ohio-based Disney vacation specialists listed below are eager to assist you, regardless of where you call home. You may come from the vibrant city of Cleveland, known for its rich culture and history, or the picturesque shores of Lake Erie with its charming lakeside towns. Perhaps you’re from the family-friendly suburbs of Columbus, the serene landscapes of the Hocking Hills, the bustling city of Cincinnati with its diverse entertainment options, or the thriving community of Akron. No matter where you reside, our Disney trip experts are at your service.

We have compiled a list of Ohio Disney travel agents that specialize in Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line, Adventures by Disney, Aulani, and more. They are also well-versed in discounts for Disney World and Disney Cruise Line, ensuring Ohio residents secure the best deals. And to top it all off? Their outstanding services are provided to you at no extra charge!

Without further ado, let us introduce our list of the best Disney travel agents in Ohio.

Best Disney Travel Agents in Ohio (OH)

Brittany Maurer – Rocky River, OH Disney Travel Agent

Brittany Maurer - Ohio Disney Travel Agent - Gold

Name: Brittany Maurer

Agency: The Vacationeer

Location: Rocky River, OH

Specialty: Walt Disney World, Disneyland, DCL, Adventures by Disney

Honors: Gold Agent

Brittany’s enthusiasm for all things Disney has been a lifelong passion, one she’s shared with her father since she was a young girl. Now, as a mother of two boys, she ensures they experience the magic of Disney as well. Her sons have been visiting Disney World since they were just six weeks old.

As a Disney Vacation Club member and Disney Annual Passholder, Brittany and her family travel from Ohio to Florida at least four times a year. When not visiting her favorite destination, she stays connected to the Disney experience by listening to podcasts about Disney parks, enjoying virtual Disney rides with her boys on the TV, and recreating famous Disney dishes at home.

Her passion has now led her to a successful career as a Gold Agent at The Vacationeer, where she uses her expertise to help others create memorable Disney vacations.

Let Brittany’s extensive Disney knowledge and passion guide you in creating an unforgettable Disney vacation. Reach out to her today, and she’ll help you make memories that will last a lifetime!

Alana Bedra – Toledo, OH Disney Travel Agent

Alana Bedra - Ohio Disney Travel Agent - Silver

Name: Alana Bedra

Agency: The Vacationeer

Location: Toledo, OH

Specialty: Walt Disney World, Disneyland, DCL, Universal, Sandals

Honors: Silver Agent

From her very first trip to Walt Disney World at the age of four, Alana has been captivated by the magic of Disney. Over the years, she has become the go-to Disney expert among her family and friends. Eventually, she left the corporate world behind to turn her passion for Disney into a career. Today, she serves as a Silver Agent at The Vacationeer, where she assists clients in planning their dream vacations.

Alana has personal experience visiting Disney with young children, friends, her large family, her husband, and even by herself. Regardless of who you are traveling with, she has the best recommendations to ensure you and your loved ones have a magical vacation.

When Alana isn’t busy planning Disney and Universal vacations, she enjoys spending time with her newborn daughter, running, and crafting. Allow Alana’s expertise to help you create an unforgettable Disney adventure tailored to your needs. Reach out to her today and embark on the journey of a lifetime!

Adam Ping – Columbus, OH Disney Travel Agent

Adam Ping - Ohio Disney Travel Agent

Name: Adam Ping

Agency: The Vacationeer

Location: Columbus, OH

Specialty: Walt Disney World, Disabilities

Adam’s passion for Disney began during his childhood when he would memorize the songs from all his favorite Disney movies. It wasn’t until his first visit as a college student that he truly fell in love with the magic of Disney. Today, Adam, his wife, and their three children reside in Ohio, where they are Annual Passholders and make multiple trips to Walt Disney World each year, occasionally visiting Disneyland as well.

Adam and his family enjoy exploring various Disney resorts, giving them extensive knowledge on matching the ideal resort with their clients’ vacation goals. From experiencing thrilling rides and savoring delicious food to meeting beloved characters, Adam strives to help clients maximize their trips and fulfill all their vacation dreams.

As a family familiar with the Disability Access Service pass, Adam and his wife take pride in assisting families with disability needs in creating the most magical vacation possible.

Let Adam and his family share their love for Disney’s magic with you and help you fall in love with it too! Reach out to Adam today to plan your unforgettable Disney adventure.

Alexx Klingshirn – Youngstown, OH Disney Travel Agent

Alexx Klingshirn - Ohio Disney Travel Agent

Name: Alexx Klingshirn

Agency: The Vacationeer

Location: Youngstown, OH

Specialty: Walt Disney World

Alexx’s affection for Disney began in her childhood, watching Disney princess movies on VHS and visiting Disney World with her family. As she grew older, her love for Disney persisted, even integrating it into her high school English classroom as a teacher.

Now a mother of two, Alexx shares her Disney passion with her children, decorating their bedrooms and playroom to reflect the enchantment of Disney. What excites her most about Disney vacations is planning all the little details. Having assisted family and friends in organizing their trips for years, she has now transformed this expertise into a career, aiming to help others experience the magic and excitement of Disney.

When she’s not traveling or planning vacations, Alexx is a full-time mom to two toddlers and a devoted wife. Let Alexx guide you in crafting the perfect Disney adventure, tailored to your desires and filled with magic. Reach out to her today and start planning your unforgettable Disney vacation.

Amanda Gibson – Cincinnati, OH Disney Travel Agent

Amanda Gibson - Ohio Disney Travel Agent

Name: Amanda Gibson

Agency: The Vacationeer

Location: Cincinnati, OH

Specialty: Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Universal, Adventures by Disney

Amanda, a former Disney Cast Member, spent an entire summer living on Disney property. During her time there, she worked as a lifeguard at a Disney resort and participated in internship courses. When she wasn’t working, Amanda could be found jogging around Epcot’s World Showcase, volunteering at the Backlot Tour, or riding the Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster. Her favorite Disney resort is the Beach Club, mainly due to its unique sand-bottom pool.

The magic of Disney first captivated Amanda during a family vacation at the age of two. Her passion for adventure only grew stronger as she visited Disneyland, Disney World, Universal, Discovery Cove, Busch Gardens, and numerous other Orlando attractions throughout the years. Amanda’s love for travel extends beyond Disney, as she also enjoys cruising, scuba diving, hiking, and all-inclusive beach vacations at destinations like Sandals, Beaches, and Nickelodeon. She has hiked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, explored various parts of Europe, and embarked on incredible adventures within the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Now residing in Cincinnati, OH with her husband, two young sons, and puppy, Amanda and her family cherish their time spent traveling and experiencing diverse cuisines from around the world. Eager to share her travel expertise, Amanda looks forward to helping you plan your dream vacation. Reach out to her today and let her guide you in creating an unforgettable adventure!

Annie Long – Columbus, OH Disney Travel Agent

Annie Long - Ohio Disney Travel Agent

Name: Annie Long

Agency: The Vacationeer

Location: Columbus, OH

Specialty: Walt Disney World

Annie’s fascination with Disney travel started nearly a decade ago when she was a young mother. The magic of that first trip sparked her passion for all things Disney, transforming her into an expert on Disney Parks and Resorts. Her friends and family now affectionately refer to her as the “pixie dust gal” for her exceptional skills in planning Disney vacations.

Residing in a small town just outside Columbus, Ohio, Annie shares her life with her best friend and husband of 10 years, along with their four energetic children.

In between her Disney adventures, Annie enjoys spending time outdoors, reading, writing, and sharing laughter with friends and family. Allow Annie to sprinkle some pixie dust on your next Disney vacation – reach out to her today and let her help create a magical experience you’ll never forget!

Auburn Seneczko – Strongville, OH Disney Travel Agent

Auburn Seneczko - Ohio Disney Travel Agent

Name: Auburn Seneczko

Agency: The Vacationeer

Location: Strongville, OH

Specialty: Walt Disney World

Growing up with Disney, Auburn has cherished memories of her mother meticulously planning their first Disney trip using books and paper maps. As a parent, she felt compelled to share the magic of Disney with her own children. Auburn delights in every aspect of vacation planning – from making dining reservations and researching resorts to strategizing park visits and selecting themed outfits.

After many trips with her husband and two children, she realized that the planning process could be quite daunting, given the myriad of options available. Auburn’s vast knowledge and passion for Disney enable her to help clients plan their most enchanting vacations, creating lasting memories with their families.

Auburn resides just outside of Cleveland, Ohio, with her family and two dogs. In her free time, she enjoys reading, listening to podcasts, cheering on Cleveland sports teams, indulging in all things Disney, and traveling. Auburn is ready to assist you in planning your dream vacation, wherever it may lead. Start planning your magical journey with her today!

Jennifer Furer – Marysville, OH Disney Travel Agent

Jennifer Furer - Ohio Disney Travel Agent

Name: Jennifer Furer

Agency: The Vacationeer

Location: Marysville, OH

Specialty: Walt Disney World

As an infant, Jennifer visited what was to become Disney World for the first time in 1968. Her family witnessed the transformation of the Orlando swampland as they walked the area displaying images of the upcoming attractions and observed a castle under construction. They eagerly awaited the park’s completion in 1971, and embarked on their first official trip to Walt Disney World during its opening year.

From then on, Jennifer’s family took annual trips to Disney, staying at the resorts and spending several days in the park. As Disney expanded, so did their visits. The comforting feeling of returning to Disney each year has never left Jennifer, who now shares the magic of Disney with her daughters, both raised with the same Disney experiences.

Jennifer cherishes Walt Disney World as her fondest childhood memory. The magical moments and the sense of homecoming during each visit inspire her to help others plan their Disney vacations. She’s eager to assist you in creating new memories at the most magical place on Earth. Count on Jennifer’s expertise and passion to plan the perfect Disney vacation for you and your family!

Rachael Walpole – Mount Vernon, OH Disney Travel Agent

Rachael Walpole - Ohio Disney Travel Agent

Name: Rachael Walpole

Agency: The Vacationeer

Location: Mount Vernon, OH

Specialty: Walt Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise Line

Rachael, an avid Disney enthusiast, has visited Disney World over 40 times, shares a birthday with Mickey Mouse, and counts The Tower of Terror among her favorite attractions. As a young girl, she would join her extended family in escaping Ohio’s cold winters to meet at Fort Wilderness Campground for their annual Disney vacation. Now, witnessing the magic of Disney through her daughter’s eyes has inspired her to help others create cherished lifetime memories.

Getting to know her clients – their favorite characters, preferred dining experiences, and more – is of utmost importance to Rachael when planning the perfect, magical vacation. Her favorite part of the planning process is assisting with dining selections and providing all the necessary information to ensure a truly enchanting experience. Allow Rachael’s expertise to guide you in crafting a memorable Disney adventure for you and your loved ones!

How Can These Agents Assist Ohio Residents with Disney Bookings?

The Vacationeer, an esteemed Diamond Level Authorized Disney Vacation Planner agency, features a roster of accomplished Disney travel agents based in Ohio. You can rest assured that these agents are highly capable of answering your questions, making tailored recommendations, and booking your tickets, accommodations, and dining reservations.

These agents also prioritize finding the best prices while respecting your budget. They even provide Disney onboard credit, which offers complimentary funds for you to spend during your Disney Cruise Line adventure!

One of the key advantages of working with The Vacationeer is that their services are free. When choosing an Ohio Disney travel agent from The Vacationeer, you can anticipate personalized care, expert guidance, and stress-free vacation planning – all without extra fees!

My wife and I have personally enjoyed their exceptional support in planning Disney trips, consistently recommending their services to friends and family. They not only saved us time on reservations but also uncovered the best deals and shared invaluable insights.

We highly recommend that Ohio residents reach out to one of these skilled Disney travel planners listed above. By doing so, you’ll support a local Ohio small business while ensuring a seamless Disney planning experience.

For those residing outside of Ohio, The Vacationeer boasts a team of talented Disney travel agents nationwide, including Pennsylvania Disney travel agents, Indiana Disney travel agents, Kentucky Disney travel agents, and Michigan Disney travel agents. They are eager to help you plan your unforgettable Disney vacation. Request a free, no-obligation quote today!

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