Disney doesn’t just make movies and operate theme parks – it also runs Disney cruise ships. Disney Magic was the original vessel, but a decade later there came a newer generation of Disney Cruise Line ships, one of which is Disney Dream.

People who cruise on Disney Magic often want to know what Disney Dream is like, and vice versa. Therefore, this post compares them. In addition, we look at the size differences between the two vessels and some of the features they offer.

Disney Dream vs. Disney Magic: Which is bigger? 

Disney Magic’s gross tonnage is 83,000 – or 84,000 if you include some of the extras Disney added since its 2013 “re-imagination.” By contrast, Disney Dream, one of the Dream class ships, has a gross tonnage of 130,000 – nearly twice the mass, making it a significantly larger ship.

You can see the difference in size when you count the number of decks. For example, the Magic has 11, while the Dream (and its sister ship, the Fantasy) has 14.

Capacity is also significantly higher on the Dream. It can comfortably accommodate 4,000 passengers, while the Magic takes around 2,700.

Which Disney Cruise Ship should you take? 

Both the Dream and Magic offer a classic Disney experience, meaning you’ll get the same vibes regardless of the vessel you choose. However, there are some key differences.

Staterooms on the Disney Cruise Line Fleet

The Magic is the oldest ship in the Disney Cruise Line fleet, first sailing in 1998. Staterooms and verandahs have removable dividers, letting you create spaces for your entire party. It is the same on the Dream.

One major difference is the inclusion of virtual portholes for Inside Staterooms on the Dream. These let you stare out onto the open ocean by video, even if you don’t have an oceanview room.


There are also differences regarding the “navigator’s verandahs” of Category 7 staterooms. On the Magic, this area is enclosed with a cut-out open-air porthole, while on the Dream, there are partly obstructed verandahs. Both ships have plenty of Verandah Staterooms, which are completely open-air.

Pools and water-fun areas on Disney Cruise Line Ships

The Dream offers superior slides and pools compared to the Magic. In addition, the Disney ship comes with the AquaDuck, three pools with hot tubs that hang out over the edge of the pool deck, letting you see the water below.

The Magic’s pools got a significant upgrade in 2013, including the three-deck AquaDunk body slide and toddler splash areas. However, those looking for the ultimate water-based experience are better off choosing the Dream.

Restaurants on Disney Cruise Ships

The primary restaurants on the Dream and Magic are generally similar, though they are themed differently. Both ships have an Animator’s Palate restaurant. On the Dream, you’ll also find Enchanted Garden and Royal Palace; on the Magic you’ll find Lumiere’s and Rapunzel’s Royal Table.   The French restaurant Remy for adults is found only on the newer ship (and its sister ship Disney Fantasy) — not on the Disney Magic.


The Dream offers a range of new activities you don’t get on the Magic. For instance, guests can enjoy mini-golf and interactive artwork. They can also have fun as part of the Midship Detective Agency, a game in which Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy – or the Muppets – try to solve various detective cases.


Luckily, there are no major differences in Concierge-level service onboard the ships. The Dream and Magic Disney Cruise line ships both offer a concierge lounge and sun deck. These are also available on the Magic and other Disney Cruise ships, including Disney Wonder (Classic Disney Cruise ship), Disney Wish (one of the Triton Class ships), and Disney Fantasy (Dream Class ship).

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