As you make your touring plans for Disney World, you have some decisions to make. For most people, it’s a dream vacation, and once you get the chance at a dream vacation, you want to capture all those magical memories and revisit them time and time again.

If you want to take a group photo, you need to either ask a stranger or have a member of your group take it and miss out on being in the picture. Realizing this is something everyone has to go through, Disney offers a service called PhotoPass with an optional “Memory Maker” add-on.

Disney has professional photographers stationed all over Disney World as part of its free PhotoPass service; they’ll take your photo with a professional camera at no cost, and you can preview those photos online (for free) for a few weeks after your trip. But if you actually want to permanently download your digital pictures or order prints, you’ll need to pay.

The paid Memory Maker package is one of the most cost effective ways to permanently purchase your pictures, because it gives you unlimited photos from this service. You’ll get incredible photos while on rides, meeting characters, and dining. You’ll always have the best backdrops in every photo, making it one of the best Disney world deals.

What’s a Memory Maker?

Memory Maker is a service by Disney offering you unlimited downloads of all your Disney PhotoPass photos. You can book this service with your vacation and get ultimate ride photos and character photos – you can also get professional photographs from PhotoPass photographers in picturesque places like Hollywood Boulevard, your Disney World Resort, Disney Springs PhotoPass Studio, and in front of Cinderella Castle.

What Do You Get With Memory Maker?

Memory Maker gives you unlimited downloads of all of your Disney PhotoPass photos and select ride, dining, and character photos – regardless of if you choose to park hop at Disney World. You also get a discount on printing these photos if you get them printed at Disney.

How Much Does Memory Maker Cost?

Disney offers three different packages of its Memory Maker service:

Memory Maker One Day

As the name implies, this option gives you unlimited downloads of all your PhotoPass photos and videos which were taken on a single day, which can be used upon buying or on a day of your choosing. This service is nonrefundable and it costs $75.

Memory Maker Advance Purchase

If you buy Memory Maker before your vacation, you get a discount to use Memory Maker for your whole vacation. It costs $185, and you need to buy it at least three days prior to arriving–it is also nonrefundable.

Memory Maker

The full Memory Maker package costs $210. With this, you’ll get all your PhotoPass photos from your Vacation. It’s nonrefundable, and can be used upon purchase; you save $25 if you buy this package three days before activation (see “advance purchase” above).

Single Photo Download

Disney also offers an option to download individual photos instead of buying packages. If you don’t want to invest in any packages, you can buy single photo downloads. If you just want to download a few photos, this can be a decent option, but it can get expensive fast. If you’re planning to download more than ten photos, you’re probably better off buying a Memory Maker package.

How Long Does Memory Maker Last?

Remember that any photos you have taken via PhotoPass inside the park are only available online for a short period of time.  Memory Maker lets you permanently download them — but you still need to do so quickly before they disappear from the website.  Memory Maker lasts thirty days after your purchase. You should plan to download all of your photos as soon as you return home, but if you think you might need a bit of extra time, you can extend it for fifteen days for an additional fee.  Once you’ve downloaded your photos, you can keep them forever on your computer, mobile device, or cloud storage system.

Is Memory Maker Worth It?

At first glance, Memory Maker can seem a bit expensive and unnecessary, but with the benefits it offers, it’s an option worth considering–everyone can get in the group photo, and no one is left behind. When your photos are taken by a professional, you’ll always get top-notch photos, and all your pictures are accessible from one location.


With all the benefits and convenience you get, the Disney Memory Package is definitely worth the price. You get to take as many professional photos as you want at your favorite spots, and you don’t have to worry about losing your precious photos, either.

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