Now that you decided to spend your dream vacation at the magical Disney World, you need to think about other aspects of your trip. Maybe you want to learn how to park hop at Disney World or how Disney Skyliner works – but the first thing to consider is accommodations. Choosing a resort for the duration of your vacation can be tricky – for a lot of people, split stays can be a great option.

What Is a Split Stay at Disney World?

A split stay is when you divide your stay at two or more resorts or hotels — it’s a very common practice for people visiting Disney World. Before you do it, however, you need to take some time to plan out your trip in advance, or else you might find yourself in a bit of a pinch. To relieve some of that planning, you might even consider buying a Disney World package.

Decide on a Budget for Your Stay

The first and most important thing to consider before your split stay is deciding on a budget. The nightly rates of the Disney World resorts vary based on various factors such as the resort’s category, the time of the year, the day of the week, and if you’re traveling around a holiday. 

This is where split stay comes in. First, check if your desired hotel has availability and what the price is. If it falls within your budget, book your desired hotel for the cheaper nights of your stay and then switch to a Disney Value Resort. This option doesn’t only save you money, but also prevents you from suddenly shortening your trip because you’re low on funds.

Resort Availability

While there are more than twenty resort options at Disney World—finding one available for your specific trip days and trip length that also fits your budget can be tricky.

Usually, only Deluxe resorts or Deluxe villas offer availability throughout your entire trip. In that case, you may consider looking for a resort for half your stay and then another location in the same price tier for the remaining half–you’ll be surprised at how many options and deals you’ll get by trying out different date combos. 

Room-Only Reservation Versus a Package

The simplest and easiest way to book a split stay is by booking room-only reservations at a Disney resort and then linking them to your My Disney Experience account individually. Booking packages is where things start to get a bit tricky because they can involve things like tickets, which are associated with specific dates and numbers of visits. If you book things in the wrong order, you might end up paying a lot more.  You can simplify the process by getting free planning help from a Disney Travel Agent (see details at the end of this article).

Room-Only Reservations

If you’re going to buy a room-only reservation, you need to buy your tickets individually and then link them to your My Disney Experience account. Make sure your tickets have enough days to cover the entirety of your group’s stay.  Don’t forget to make Disney Park Pass theme park reservations, too!

Booking a Package

If you’re planning on booking a package, buy enough tickets for the entire trip with the first reservation, because packages are designed so that the cost per day drastically decreases the longer the stay. You can book up to ten days with a package. The best part about booking packages is that if you cancel your trip during the cancellation window, you won’t lose any money.

Final Thoughts

Having a split stay can enhance your dream vacation and allow you to discover what different resorts have to offer. If you want to fully experience Disney, a split stay can be a great option.

The Easiest Way to Book a Split Stay at Disney

As mentioned above, booking a split stay requires a bit of finesse to find the sweet spot between pricing and convenience.  Why not call in a professional?

An Authorized Disney Vacation Planner (AKA a Disney Travel Agent) provides free help planning your vacation.  They’ll handle all of your reservations and tickets — they can even set up a payment plan so you can book your trip with just a small initial deposit and then pay over time.

So get in touch with our preferred planners, The Vacationeer!  Get your free, no-obligation vacation quote today!